Welcome To The Disciples Of Love Center

Where Good People Gather To Do Good Things, For Themselves and others


                    Where Prople Gather To Do Good Things For Themselves  and Others.                   

                     Tonight you will be going on a Voyage with Your Host, a Voyage

                     into the unknown, a Voyage of Dicovery, a Voyage of hope.


All of us have certain basic needs that must be met in order for us to servive,

if these needs are not met, we will die or else we will cease to function on a

Physiological, Sociological, or emotionsal level, Abraham Maslow characterizes

these needs as:

1. Physiological, such as oxygen, food. water, and elimination.

2. Safty, which includes shelter, clothing, and Protection from

     hostile beings and the environment.

3. Love and Belonging, which includes close family, friendship, and Love ties.

4. Self Esteem, which includes Feeling good about oneself, one's job, status,

    work, and career.

51. Self Actualization, which is the fulfillment of creativity.